Once you have recorded your stories, FamilyArchive helps you refine your story with services that bring your images and words to life, including:

·      Photo Restoration

·      Photography

·      Research

·      Narrative Writing & Editing


Photo Restoration

If the photos in your project faded, torn, cracked or damaged, FamilyArchive will help you determine which photos would benefit most from digital photo restoration. Restorations can include fixes in fading, staining, tears, creases, tarnish, mildew, water or frame damage, and reconstruction of missing pieces.

FamilyArchive’s goal is to restore your image to its original beauty. All restoration is done digitally, and will not compromise the original photo or document.



Do you have family heirlooms that you wish to share throughout the family, but can’t divide up the collection? Are you writing a cookbook to pass down your family's recipes and techniques to the next generation? FamilyArchive’s photography service allows you to capture images of your heirlooms, cooking process and finished dishes and that you can share throughout the family.

We will travel to your location (travel charges apply outside of NYC) and require you to be onsite during the photo shoot for liability purposes.

You will receive digital copies of your edited photos captioned with any notes you’ve given to us. We highly recommend pairing this service with recording your story behind your heirlooms, or family memories associated with dishes you're commemorating. 



While your story is unique and benefits most from being told in your own voice, family history doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Your family story is reflective of the social and cultural events of any given time period.

Whether it’s learning more about your family heirlooms, US and global immigration policies at the time that your ancestors immigrated, or how a family recipe was born of cultural and religious traditions, FamilyArchive offers research services to give your family story an anchor in cultural and global history.

Because FamilyArchive’s research projects are based on each family’s interests, our topics have spanned a broad range including:

·      19th & 20th century American genealogy

·      American, European, and Asian food history

·      19th and 20th century European and Asian immigration patterns

·      20th century US women’s history

·      19th century Norwegian woodworking and ceramics

·      20th century American carnival glass

·      classic American film

No matter what the topic, we pride our expertise in identifying and evaluating credible research sources. You will receive a meticulously documented research report, based on your particular family story.


Narrative Writing & Editing

While your oral history interview transcripts, memoir pieces, genealogical research or journal entries can sometimes stand on their own, more often than not they will need editing and reshaping to bring out your true intention.

FamilyArchive takes your written words and edits your work into an engaging and readable manuscript. Your finished work may be used as the basis for a number of projects, such as creating a finished book with or without photos to pass down to future generations.