If you have torn, cracked, faded or damaged photos or documents, we will work with you to restore the image to its original beauty. All restoration is done digitally, and will not compromise the original photo or document. A perfect way to save your archival photos, family memories, documents and photos from your genealogy research. We assess all photos individually and will provide an estimate before we start any work.

Click on the photos below to see more detail. 

Minor Photo Restoration: Includes repairs of: small scratches or tears in background or solid areas, color casts and slight fading. 

Moderate Photo Restoration: Includes all fixes in Minor Photo Restoration plus: some staining, tarnish, water damage or mildew, removal of writing on photos, complex dust and stain removal, deeper scratches and creases, cleanup over facial features. 

Advanced Photo Restoration: Includes all fixes in Minor and Moderate Photo Restorations, plus: deep scratches over facial features, staining, tarnish or mildew over facial features, fine textures such as hair or complicated patterns, extensive water damage, reconstruction of missing pieces.