Our most common form of audio transcription is intelligent verbatim: this document retains the majority of original content from the audio, but eliminates insignificant pauses to create a more readable manuscript. For clients who prefer to know exactly how the recording flows, verbatim transcription translates every "um" and "ah" in the recording, and includes all filler words and denotes all pauses and interruptions. Finally, our service of narrative transcription turns our clients' interviews into a story format, for our clients who wish to use their interviews as the basis for any number of projects, such as crafting their memoirs, or creating print photo/story albums. We work with our clients to determine what areas or themes of the audio they wish to focus on, and create a cohesive narrative based on the audio.

Click on the examples below to see the differences between transcripts.

The following is a straightforward example of interview audio transcription, shown in three different styles of transcripts. The narrator chose the subject, a biography of her aunt as she knew it, prompted by clarification questions from the interviewer.

Verbatim Transcript Example #1

Intelligent Verbatim Transcript Example #1

Narrative Transcript Example #1

In the following example, the interviewer and narrator flipped through a photo album, while the narrator told short stories about the photographs and the people in them. For the narrative transcript, we sifted through the longer interview and chose pieces that related to a specific story that had emerged as we spoke with the narrator. We then crafted the pieces to form a readable, cohesive narrative.

Intelligent Verbatim Transcript Example #2

Narrative Transcript Example #2

This example is from an audio transcript with multiple narrators. Since the speakers are telling the story of their shared experience, in the narrative transcript we streamlined the story that the speakers agreed upon, differentiating between the two voices when there was disagreement, a unique experience to the individual speaker, or conversation between the two speakers.

Intelligent Verbatim Transcript Example #3

Narrative Transcript Example #3