After organizing, the next step in creating your family archive is to digitize your collection with FamilyArchive's photo scanning and video digitizing services. Digitizing will allow you to back up and share your print collection in case of loss or disaster.

When you use FamilyArchive to organize your collection, we save you time and money by determining which photos and videos should be prioritized for digitizing.

1980s color amateur snapshot, original.jpg
1980s color amateur snapshot, edited.jpg

Photo Scanning

We scan your photographs, negatives, slides and documents and convert to digital files. All scanning packages include basic editing: cropping, light and color correction, and basic dust removal. 

Additional services include captioning and keywording your photos; taking photos out of albums or frames for scanning; scanning entire journals, albums, or archives; and organizing your photos in a system that works for you.


Video Digitizing

We also bring your home videos out of the limbo of outdated media so they can be enjoyed today. We convert your VHS and Hi-8 (camcorder) tapes to digital file with optional DVD. Quality of digitization is dependent on quality of original video.

Because VHS players and Hi-8 camcorders are considered obsolete technologies, FamilyArchive will almost always recommend digitizing your home movies.