Turning your recordings into narratives

In our Monday post, we talked about how to record short oral history pieces with your family members at Thanksgiving. So what do you do with all these snippets of audio and video when the holiday ends?


Call us or book us in advance! We can help turn your recordings into narratives that your whole family can treasure.


Title your audio or video with your interviewee’s name and send us your files in bulk, as well as any photos of your interviewees, the food, this and previous Thanksgivings. We can scan and edit all photos, and restore the more damaged ones.


With your photos, audio, and video we can create the following projects or one that you dream up:


A Thanksgiving Storybook: a collection of the interviews edited so they read like a story, laid out with photos of the interviewees, food photos, and photos of previous Thanksgivings. A printed book, professionally laid out, and can be printed for multiple family members.


Thanksgiving Recipe Cookbook: Did you collect heirloom recipes, the traditional tastes from your Thanksgiving table? Let us transcribe your interviews and/or written notes and publish them in a family cookbook, so you can pass down the recipes to future generations. If you’ve taken pictures of the food, we’ll include those too, along with any personal stories behind the recipes, as the story can provide an even deeper connection than the recipe alone.


Thanksgiving Documentary Video: Did you do video interviews with your family members? Did you shoot more than the interviews, i.e. playing games? Send us your video footage and any stills you wish to include (either from this or past Thanksgivings) and we can turn your footage into a documentary-style video with your family’s voices as the narrators, or we can work with you to record additional voiceover audio for the project.

These are just a few ideas, and we always love hearing what our client envisions! Book us today, and we can consult with you on what footage/interviews to get, how and what questions to prepare, and how to prepare your family for the project.