August 2015 Photo Restoration Contest!

Greetings! We’re very excited to announce our August 2015 Photo Restoration Contest!

As we’ve discussed in earlier blog posts, we’ve loved the process of bringing our families’ old print photos out of closets, attics, trunks, and other dusty spaces, and breathing new life into the photographs, the stories that the photographs themselves tell, and sometimes even more significantly, the stories surrounding the people, places, and era that aren’t immediately conveyed in the photograph.

Now we want to give you the chance to tell your stories! This is an excellent opportunity to create a custom gift for a special occasion, bring together a photo and story you discovered in your genealogy research, or preserve a damaged photo and bring it back to life. The winner will have her or his photograph digitally restored free of charge and will have the restored photo and edited story featured on this blog. The winner will also receive (1) 8x10 print of their restored photo and a print copy of their story. Up to 2 runners-up will receive a 10% discount on their photo restorations or any other project they wish to create with us. 

To Enter:

Warning: Please DO NOT get your photos scanned at FedEx Kinkos, Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, Duane Reade, etc. These scans do not provide the high resolution needed to create a quality restoration or print.
  1. Scanning the photo yourself: If you have access to a flatbed scanner, scan your photograph in 600 dpi (usually “very good” or “best” resolution). Save your photo as a TIFF file, if possible, or a best/high-resolution JPG. Loose photos provide the best scans, so if possible, carefully remove from frame or albums before scanning; HOWEVER, if removing the photo from its container will cause further damage to the photo, scan the photo as is. Since your photo file will be large, upload the file to a file sharing service, such as Google Drive, Dropbox, or
  2. Mailing the photo to us for scanning: If you do NOT have access to a flatbed scanner, you can mail your photo to FamilyArchive Business for scanning: 229 East 85th Street #2, New York, NY 10028. Place your photo in a Ziploc bag and in a rigid envelope such as a photo mailer, available at the post office or any office supply store. If mailing a framed photo or an album, package securely with bubble wrap. If your photo is in an album, make sure the photo you want restored is clearly marked, with an index card in the photo’s page, and a short description of the photo, so we know which one to use. Use a trackable shipping method, such as USPS Priority or Express Mail, FedEx, or UPS. If sending a single, loose photo, please include a self-addressed stamped photo mailer with tracking so we can return your original photo. If sending a framed photo or album, we will invoice you for shipping via PayPal before sending your original back.
  3. Writing the Story: Tell us the story of your photo! Who is pictured in the photo? Where and when was it taken? What made you choose this photo to restore? What stands out for you in this photo?
  4. Judging Criteria and Guidelines: Your entry will be assessed on the following criteria: a) narrative potential of the photo (does your photo tell a story?); b) your written description and story about the photo; c) how well your photo and story work together. Entry period is from August 1, 2015 to August 31, 2015. Winners are expected to be chosen by September 15, 2015. 
  5. Submitting your entry: Gather your materials (digital photo file link and/or tracking number for your mailed photo; and your written story) and fill out our online form here. We recommend saving your story in a separate document, then copying and pasting into the form, in case your connection gets interrupted. 

We look forward to hearing from you! Please contact us with any questions, and good luck!