Do you want to write your own family history or personal memoir but don’t know where to start? Let us facilitate your process by tailoring a writing workshop series based on your goals! Whether you have a box of photos you want to tie together through family stories, a collection of genealogy documents that you want to bring to life through personal narrative, or would like to write down your life story to celebrate your unique place in history, we can work with you to craft a series of writing prompts and feedback to encourage vivid storytelling.

All facilitation and coaching can be done locally (New York City) or online, through a combination of Skype or FaceTime sessions and email. Local workshops can include in-session writing prompts, in-depth feedback on edited writing, or a combination depending on the preferences of the group or individual. View a sample workshop session here.

Discounts are available when you combine writing facilitation and coaching with our narrative development service, where we edit your collection of writing for you into a cohesive story format, while preserving your natural writing voice. See here for examples.

About the Facilitator: Amanda Faye Lacson, MA, is a graduate of Goddard College’s Transformative Language Arts concentration, a field dedicated to using the written, spoken, and sung word for individual and community growth, development, celebration, and transformation. She has developed numerous writing workshops for community groups based on themes of identity, relationships, and family. She loves helping new and experienced writers discover the stories that they truly want to tell.