As all projects are highly customized for our clients, please contact us for project quotes. If you don't see a project to fit your needs, please contact us, so we can design one with you!

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Celebrate landmark occasions with a slideshow that tells a story! This  one was created in tandem with generations of students to celebrate a drama teacher's career. We tailor your presentation for your special event: a love story for an engagement party or wedding reception, a family history for a golden wedding anniversary. Contact us today to discuss your project! 

Music Credits: 

"Jazzy Frenchy," Benjamin Tissot,; "Bugablue," U.S. Army Band, Live at Blues Alley, 2010; "Sweet," Benjamin Tissot,

Documentary Video: This documentary sample was created with the client's photos and audio interview, so it became a hybrid documentary video/narrated slideshow. We can easily drop in "talking heads" and video clips, organizing your material in a way that lifts your story off the screen.