10x10 Celebrations Photo Album: $350.00 +tax and shipping

12x12 Celebrations Photo Album: $390.00 +tax and shipping

Celebrations Photo Album

Perfect for celebrating birthdays, Mother's Day, Father's Day, graduations, or your year-in-review! Our Celebrations Photo Album package includes:

  • 100 edited photos: We'll accept your selected photos in any format, including a mix of print and digital, print photos loose or in albums, 35 mm negatives, JPEG or TIFF files. Scanning of prints or negatives is included. All photos will be edited to ensure color and print quality.

  • Design of your album: We design your album digitally with any notes or text you have given us. We include unlimited rounds of revision in your package, to make sure we get your vision correct!

  • Printed Album: Your hardcover album will be printed on quality photographic paper, with your choice of a photo-wrap or fabric cover.

Additional services and options:

  • Selection Service: Do you have piles of photos in boxes or on hard drives and don't have the time to go through all of them for your album? Let us select them for you! For a limited time we're offering this service for just an additional $0.10 per photo received. Contact us for instructions and let us know if you will be submitting print, digital or a mix. Your album package will be based on the number of photos selected by us.

  • Number of photos: Do you have more or fewer than 100 photos you've selected for your album? Contact us for a customized quote.