With our Oral History Interview package, we discuss the interview topics you're interested in recording, then create an outline for your interview, with questions tailored toward the era, person, and/or place you wish to discuss. We can travel to and record at your location (travel fees apply outside of NYC); record remotely; or provide guidance for a friend or family member to record the interview with you. With every Oral History Interview package, we provide an intelligent verbatim transcript and a mastered audio recording. Check out examples below of how we can present your interview beyond the audio recording. 

Intelligent Verbatim Transcription

With every oral history interview, we include our most common form of audio transcript, the intelligent verbatim transcript: this document retains the majority of original content from the audio, but eliminates insignificant pauses to create a more readable manuscript.

Verbatim Transcription

For clients who prefer to know exactly how the recording flows, verbatim transcription translates every "um" and "ah" in the recording, and includes all filler words and denotes all pauses and interruptions.

Narrative Transcription & Developmental Editing

Narrative transcription and developmental editing turns our clients' interviews or writings into a story format, for our clients who wish to use their interviews or workshop writings as the basis for any number of projects, such as crafting their memoirs, or creating print photo/story albums. We work with our clients to determine what areas or themes of the audio they wish to focus on, and create a cohesive narrative based on the audio.

Document & Text-to-Text Transcription

Document transcription we take your handwritten documents, journals, or diaries and convert them to searchable, typewritten documents. Excellent for cataloguing documents you've found in your genealogical research, old diaries, and journals. This service is also a great starting point for creating memoirs or narratives based on your ancestors' writings.