Announcing our Digital Archiving Package Contest!

Do you have your digital photos on computers, hard drives, CDs, smartphones and not in a centralized location? Let us help you organize, keyword, and (most importantly) create a backup system so you can retrieve them at a moment's notice (like when your teen needs a digital baby photo yesterday for school, and your photos are on CDs packed away in boxes)!

FamilyArchive is not sponsored by or beholden to any particular software, backup, or storage systems, though we're constantly researching new technology and have our favorites. Our goal is to meet you where you're at, to help create an organizational and digital photo workflow that works for you and can be easily maintained and backed up. We won't just consolidate your photos and organize for you; we'll educate you on the technology available and make recommendations so you can maintain your digital archive as your photo library grows. 

Right now we're running a contest to start your digital archiving project for free! To enter, please fill out the questionnaire below or follow this link. The winner will receive 12 hours of digital organizing and education for free, and up to two runners-up will receive 50% off their first 12 hours of digital organizing and education. No purchase or entry fee is required to enter the contest or win. If you're located in NYC, we can work with you in-person for no additional fee; if you're located elsewhere, we will work with you through a combination of Skype, FaceTime, email, unless you choose to pay additional travel fees (to be coordinated at contest end). We also waive portions of our travel fees occasionally, when we're working on the road, so please subscribe to our newsletter for updates. 

Good luck and we can't wait to hear from you!